Career Guidance for 1,00,000 underprivileged school students

Every penny that comes into this campaign is directly contributed to reaching the Government school students, to get them informed about their interested field of study and guide them to attain their best version of themselves through education.

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Goal : 1 Lakh Students

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Why you should donate?

Pickmycareer backed by the LMES foundation is working on providing career counselling to students in Government schools. Our initiative acts as a guide to help students (from class 8 to 12) show the right path in building their field of interest and shape their desired career by educating them with opportunities, skillset, and one on one counselling.

According to the 2015 report by the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) of India, about 4.34% of students in nationwide government schools drop out and skip their part of education, and this doubles in the number for Secondary school students.

Our mission is to reach all the government school students and harvest the seed of “education” as a boon for their growth and not something they are forced to do. And this we are ought to do by providing them with profound knowledge in understanding their personality and ability to help them pick their field of study. Because as an education-based company, we want to holler the fact that education is an equal right for each individual in India.

With your help, we could reach more children who are eagerly looking for a small ray of hope to unleash the threshold of their dreamed education to become a pilot, Army general, Doctor, Police officer, Teacher, Journalist, Researcher, and whatnot.

How we use the donated funds?

Every penny that comes into Pickmycareer is directly contributed to reaching the Government schools in a locality over 80 day period. And the funds are specifically financed to make our experts and technology accessible to each underprivileged students, to get them informed about their interested field of study and guide them to attain their best version of themselves through education.

We are enrolled to make the education simpler and as a boon for the children who are educated in government schools.

We lend our hand to support by giving the ‘ Personality & Career guidance Test ‘ for each student and provide customized analysis reports on their interest and abilities so that they know what all to be done for a better future and make a career of their own. Along with this, the students will be given one-on-one counselling for better clarity in understanding their stand on today’s pool of opportunities and pick the path that would make them a great personality and grow to inspire others.

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 1) How students are benefited based on my donation? What all services does it cover?

Each student you donate will be able to write the 4-factor assessment, have access to our career assessment report and also group counselling sessions by experts on the different streams. All the available packages are present on the home page. You can choose the package of your choice to donate based on the number of students you want to benefit and pay them to gain access.

2) How will PickMyCareer help school students?

Our career counselling website benefits the school students to choose the right stream after their 10th grade, based on their Personality, Orientation and Interest areas. Through this, they can preplan their path to pursue their dream job at a very early stage of life.

 3) How will PickMyCareer help the student after 12th grade?

Students who are about to enter into college are benefitted by our comprehensive top college lists, the entrance examinations, and 4-factor assessment of each individual providing them with their perfect matches of careers based on interest, personality, etc.




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