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The current educational system of rote learning is killing the very possibilities of learning science and repelling the children to make a career in science and math. Our motto is to make education an effortless process by promoting fun and application-based learning. We make the experience of learning simple, playful and accessible to everyone, especially to the Students Community. Check our Application Based Science Videos Produced So far: Link is in the description

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                  LMES Academy is an Edu-Tech Company that started in 2016. It is fundamentally founded to deliver education in a simple format. Our founder posted educational videos on YouTube with the tagline “Let’s Make Engineering Simple” (LMES) based on an application-oriented perspective and it went viral. In the time span of 5 years, LMES videos have been viewed more than 80 million times and have a total of 2 million followers on both Facebook and YouTube. The response we got was unexpectedly overwhelming. We realized that our approach can bring change to the system and we are intending to reach as many students as possible.  

Check our Application Based Science Videos Produced So far: LMES Videos

Some of the Notable playlists namely:
- Unnoticed : Get to know the science behind daily life happenings which has not been noticed by us. 
- Bio-Mimicry : The science of applying nature-inspired designs in human engineering and invention to solve human problems. 
- கருப்பு திரை : Playlist of videos that address" social issue related" science Content. 
- RADIO : A Mystery Thriller Web Series: 
- Accidental inventions: A video series about, Life-Changing Inventions That Were Totally Accidental.
- Hitlers Tech : A video Documentary about Hitler's Nazi engineers making technological developments that were innovative and far ahead of their time.

Why do we need your help?
             As a Colossal Work Ahead, we are powerless against the humongous educational system that is already in place, but with enough people, we can bring the change. We want a country with more innovators and entrepreneurs than factory workers, a country where children look forward to a school than feeling enforced. Any donations or participation are welcomed for the attitudinal change towards education.

          We are planning to add more Videos to the above-listed Playlists, To Make a Quality Video Output We Need to Employ at least a 7 Member Team including Content Writers, Animators, Editors, Directors, Host & R & D Team for research output, Your Small Contribution motivates us to produce More Videos. LMES will be open to any kind of queries on donation or the use of resources of any kind.

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